This is a Google Maps image from April 2008, of 51 Broadway in New Haven, Connecticut, and it's the last photo of The Educated Burgher that you will find along the timeline of that location. I was struck by that, and more-so by the trash can, do you remember it as vividly as I do?

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Both sides of Broadway were so different in the 1980's and 1990's from the present.  Tall trees lined both sides, and national retailers like Urban outfitters and LL Bean? Not one in sight. I used to make the pilgrimage weekly to hit all the local shops, I'd browse through Cutler's incredible selection of music, stroll through the tiny Yale Co-Op, and then grab a burger before I left, alongside the Yalies, at The Educated Burgher, or the Yankee Doodle.

The Educated Burgher closed down for good in 2014. Like everything else along this section of Broadway during the 2010's, the building was renovated and emerged into a Salsa Fresca restaurant. Most recently, 51 Broadway now houses Broadway Kitchen, and features a nod to it's past by placing few varieties of hamburgers among their offerings.

What I remember also about the 80's and 90's in New Haven was the creativity and street art. It was wonderful to see what those incredible artistic minds came up with after they stumbled out of Toad's at 1:45AM. One of those brilliant minds turned a trash can into a street-artist's version of R2-D2, and I used to think it was so cool. It's been decades since I thought of it, but that photo above brought it all back, hopefully you enjoyed this glimpse into the past too.

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