Every time I drive by the Hana Japanese Steakhouse at 874 Lakewood Road in Waterbury, I think about the popcorn that they used to serve there when it was the Ground Round, or the chicken wings that I used to get there when it was Cleary's Restaurant and Pub.

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I found a couple of old Ground Round commercials that will completely take you back. Here's one from 1981:

Here's another classic Ground Round commercial from the 80's featuring Massachusetts locations:

$3.99 for a steak dinner, $3.99 for a scrod dinner, and $3.99 for a fried clams dinner, ahhhh the 80's. In 2022, I'd buy all three at that price.

I found another one that centers around the ribs that they served at Ground Round from 1985:

And if you still think about those delicious steaks that Ground Round served up, here's a classic commercial from 1986:

Did you know that there are still 4 Ground Round Restaurants here in the Northeast? The closest one to Connecticut is on Long Island in Brookhaven, but there are two Ground Rounds in Maine - Bangor and Hallowell, and 1 up in Rutland, Vermont.

After the Waterbury Ground Round shut down for good, Cleary's Restaurant and Pub took over the space with a very similar American pub food menu. I found an old image of Cleary's from 2008.


We loved watching the old cartoons that were projected on the Ground Round walls, and the fun atmosphere that the employees created. Those juicy burgers, huge draught beers and heaping plates of nachos, oh man. As for the popcorn? I go to Big Frank's on Watertown Ave and get myself a couple of scoops while I wait for those ribs. Now If I could only convince the Morcey family to reopen Morcey's, and get the Ground Round to come back to Waterbury, my life will be complete.

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