"It's what the people want," said Bethel Selectman Paul Szatkowski.

Discussions have gone on for nine months over whether religious displays should be allowed on public property in Bethel and according to an article on ctinsider.com, Bethel selectman gave the go-ahead. They also favorably voted to allow a lottery to take place if there are too many displays vying for space.

The previous proposal allowed a creche and atheist banner to be displayed on P.T. Barnum Square. The resident who set up the atheist banner, James Naddeo, said he approves of the selectman's decision.

It's a step in the right direction. The whole point of this was to take a step forward and give fair and equal access to all groups that want to display.

Bethel resident, Bill Hillman has collected donations to purchase a menorah which he would like to see added to the town square displays saying,

We have a wonderful holiday tradition that has gone on for decades. I would like to add to that.

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To view the rules and regulations of how the lottery system works and who can apply, click on ctinsider.com.

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