What's happening today is really unique, one of my former favorite stores that permanently closed in 2020 has risen from the grave - at it's former location.

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Seriously, this doesn't happen in Connecticut. Once a store or restaurant is gone, it's usually gone forever, right? But a blast from the past - Sur La Table is back in operation as of today, April 1, 2023, at it's former location in the Shops at Farmington Valley in Canton.


Sur La Table is a kitchen, lifestyle, and cookware store, they carry a great selection of high-end stuff, like Le Cruset, Staub, All-Clad, etc. but they also sell mid to low-end too. Their other specialty is live cooking and technique classes. Pad Thai anyone? they'll teach you. The Canton store closed permanently, or so we thought, in 2020.

These types of specialty kitchen retailers were getting scarce in the greater Hartford area, and Connecticut as a whole. Williams-Sonoma closed down in Westfarms around the same time that Sur La Table shut it's doors in 2020. Williams-Sonoma still has a presence, with locations in South Windsor, Danbury, and Westport, plus the outlet in Westbrook.

I became familiar with the Canton Sur La Table store shortly after it opened in 2004, my wife was the assistant manager there before we were married, and it was there that she introduced me to the wonderful world of Shun knives, Boos Block cutting boards, and stainless steel everything. You get what you pay for when it comes to kitchen tools, and once you've gone copper-core, it's tough to go back to T-Fal. A very hearty welcome back Sur La Table, it's inspiring to see a company invest and expand in such a garbage American retail store era.

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