While cruising the CT Reddit page, I came across a post that really grabbed my attention.

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The Reddit user said CT was boring and Fairfield County residents are "dead inside." First of all, HA, that is amazingly funny.

The user goes by pppoopoo and they wrote:

"Why is life in CT so boring?

Or is it just me? I come from from a place where people are super friendly, warm, nice, etc and moved here (not because I wanted to) in 2018 and ever since I’ve made 0 friends. It’s not that I haven’t tried but I just feel like people don’t want to be bothered and don’t want people in their space? Unless it’s work/study related. I don’t know, could just be me. But I haven’t felt sense of community or belonging here yet. I like the money here and the good food but people are simply not nice or friendly (especially Fairfield county where people just look dead inside). OR IS IT JUST ME? ANYONE ELSE? It just feels lonely, there’s money here but it just feels isolating."

As for their loneliness, that makes me feel bad, so I'll float an offer. You can hangout with me, as long as you can tolerate anxiety issues and obsessive compulsive impulses exploding all around you. I consider myself a staunch defender of Fairfield County, specifically Danbury but this could be a complex reaction.

While Fairfield County people appear to be dead inside, and that is accurate, we are not dead inside. The downsides of living here can really take a lot out of you. The cost of living is through the roof so many of us are constantly working, sometimes 2 and 3 jobs and the weather can be debilitating. When you get us into a relaxed social situation, we are delightful and funny. It's all about our surroundings, if you see us at work, going to work, or coming home from work, we are not to be messed with. If we are sitting on Candlewood Lake, get a helmet because you could injure your head having fun with us.

The "boring" thing is probably more about this person's lack of friendships because there is a lot to do. We have Candlewood Lake, Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods right down the road, tons of music venues, great restaurants and are within striking distance of New York and Boston.

pppoopoo just needs to find a way into a social circle but that is not easy because we are really miserable M F'ers out in public. I've lived in this area my whole life but I'm still astonished at how rude and unapproachable we are.

Reddit reacted as well:

ghostofmyhecks wrote:

"Welcome to the Northeast. We're just kinda like that. Speaking generally, folks in CT and other New England states are much more insular- there's no stopping in the street with some stranger and chatting about their day. In my perspective, it's because there's more of a barrier - you don't know me, my business is my own and I leave you to yours.

It can be hard if you're not used to it, so try looking for social groups or similar hobbies- there's even jogging and hiking clubs if that's your thing."

throw-away-2-u said:

"It’s February……call back towards the end of May."


"It’s the end of a difficult winter. All bears stop being grumpy hibernators in the spring. A lot of us are hurting- covid, quarantines, finances, politics, news…we’re gonna need time and more honey. When the weather warms up, so will our hearts."

noghostlooms said:

"Welcome to the Northeast. Like everybody else here has said it's a difference in culture. As the meme goes, the West Coast is nice, but not kind while the East Coast is kind but not nice. I think that's accurate. Like we might not talk to you on the street but if you need your car dug out after a snow storm someone will help you."

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