The Naugatuck Police Department just reached out to the public via their social media in an attempt to identify a suspect, or suspects, accused of breaking into a local business, and leaving behind a couple of graffiti tags on the walls inside of the business that they're accused of breaking into.

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According to the official Naugatuck Police Department Facebook page, Monday morning, November 16, 2020, Naugy officers were called to a burglary which was reported at Culox Technologies, a local provider of pure and alloyed metal powders, which is located at 178 General Pulaski Way. It's the industrial building that you stare at while you wait for your bucket at the KFC drive-thru in Naugy. Here's a Google photo of the building -


According to the Naugatuck Police, after arriving, they found that the building had been damaged, but the suspect(s) had left a couple little gifts behind- graffiti.

Naugatuck PD

I'm no graffiti expert, but that looks like Aquaman's Trident in the upper right corner.

Naugatuck PD

If you happen to recognize this person's artwork, maybe you saw it scribbled on the back of their their hand during a Zoom meeting, or a driver's ed class, you are being asked to contact the Naugatuck Police Department at 203-729-5221, or, you can get in touch via the NPD Confidential Tip Line at 203-720-1010.

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