Oh Connecticut, you disappoint me so.

A team of analysts at Internet Service Provider GetCenturyLink.com took the time to figure out, by state, how much time was wasted on cute, funny, or in some cases annoying viral videos.

The data analyst team here at GetCenturyLink ranked nearly 100 of the most popular and iconic viral videos on YouTube by original video views to narrow it down to the twelve most-watched videos. We then took a look at YouTube search volume by state to see which of those twelve videos each state searches for the most in order to determine the states’ favorite viral videos.

Connecticut's favorite video? The auto-tuned, lyrically inane "Friday" by Rebecca Black. Here it is in all its glory.

Really? There's so much better stuff out there to waste time with. The puppy that figured out how to use the tennis ball machine. The "hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife" guy and all the songs that came with it. The cat singing Collective Soul's "Shine."

But noooooo. We go with a cheesy pop song. At least if you're going to listen to "Friday," check out this far superior version by "Bob Dylan."

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