You mean it's not just in horror movies?

Even though all my research turned up the same commonality; that it's rare, let's be honest, it only has to happen to you or someone you know once and the nightmare of this reality will keep you on edge for a long time.

Of course the below pictures and video will help in solidifying this simply as something to be aware of that's happened from Boston to Arizona. I've often heard people say it's a myth but clearly those people were rationalizing away a fear and who can blame them.

According to the News and Observer in North Carolinasnakes found in toilets either slithered into your home and went in search of water winding their way into your toilet or they literally creeped and wriggled their way through your pipes into your toilet bowl. Reports out of  Arizona and Texas have made headlines before.

A snake might have entered through an uncovered sewer or ventilation pipe hoping to find rodent prey or shelter, but they don’t live in or intentionally try to get into sewer systems. Any snake that finds itself trapped in a sewer line very likely just wants to get back to where it originally came from and has no desire to interact with people.

Meanwhile rats or mice in toilets is something people or exterminators have had to contend with but just like snakes, it's extremely rare.

According to the Boston Globe, rodents are good at climbing and since sewer lines run from the street to homes a rat or mouse will go in search of its next feast and inadvertently find itself in your toilet.

Rodent visitors might have ended up there also because it was likely seeking shelter since weather is a big factor in rodents. They’ll find shelter wherever they can get it, and they’re pretty relentless on their search for food and a safe habitat.

Again, at least it's nice to know it's rare, right???

Anyway, if you want to prevent this from ever happening here's what you need to do according to the Angi website. Seal your ventilation pipes or get a multi-flap installed over your toilet waste pipe.

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