Starting tomorrow night and right through Thursday, you'll be in for a celestial treat as a rare planetary alignment will be visible throughout Greater Danbury.


It's almost like a lyric from the classic song 'Aquarius', this week Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars will be in perfect alignment and in a straight line with the moon.

According to,  all three planets will form a straight line to the moon with Jupiter at the front of the line, appearing much brighter than the other two planets. Mars will be the last planet, and will have a red glow, leaving Saturn as the middle planet which will look gold in color.

We are in for some clear night skies over the next few days, so you should be able to observe this alignment with the naked eye. Of course, a telescope will really bring things up close, even binoculars will give you a better view of this rare occurrence.

This celestial treat won't happen again for a few more years, so get a glimpse while you can over the next few nights. Best viewing times will be looking southwest one hour before sunrise.

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