It was an amazing discovery. A rare species of Bat not seen in the state since the 1940s has been spotted recently in Eastern Connecticut.

It's called the Eastern Small Footed Bat, so you would think you would see them all over the state since - ya' know, since we are in the east - but this species hasn't been seen in Connecticut in over 70 years.

The rare find took place recently when the small mammal was found clinging for life to a basement window screen at someone's home.

According to, the bat had been separated from its mother for what animal experts think was three or four days, and there was concern that he wouldn't survive. DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) Master Wildlife Conservationist Maureen Heidtmann was called in to try and save the bat. After feeding and caring for it for about a month, the bat's condition improved almost 100% and it was able to make a full recovery.

Bat populations are monitored carefully in Connecticut, that's why this find came as such a surprise. A few reasons why these bats have almost become extinct in our area is due to human interference in its hibernation sites and also because of a deadly fungus called white-nose syndrome.

Since the find the folks at DEEP have been examining data that is showing several "hot spots" in Connecticut which suggests that this species may soon be making a comeback in the state.

Here's one future environmentalist who's already taken an interest to help save the Eastern Small Footed Bat.

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