I was watching TV last night at my apartment in Waterbury when a familiar commercial came on. There's just something about the intro music that Wine N Liquor Outlet of Waterbury uses in their commercials that always catches my attention. This commercial was tagged with something different though: "Don't miss actor/rapper/producer 50 Cent at Wine N Liquor Outlet for an in-store bottle signing".


I had to rewind the commercial to make sure that I was hearing things correctly, and I did. So, I did a little more investigating, and man, this event is turning into AN EVENT. Not only is Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson going to be on Lakewood Road in Waterbury this Friday October 25, 2019, but UFC HOF'er and MMA/Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu legend Royce Gracie will be there too.

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Jackson will be there signing bottles of his signature Branson Cognac, and Le Chemin Du Roi (The King's Path) Champagne. I'm sure that Gracie will be there signing autographs, and putting fools to sleep with a nasty front arm triangle.

Wine N Liquor outlet is located at 810 Lakewood Road in Waterbury. It's right by the Lifestyles plaza, across the street from Planet Fitness and the Goodwill store.