Imagine you're out for your morning jog and out of nowhere comes an adult red fox, and he's hungry.

It's very rare when a fox attacks a human, but it happened recently in our area according to Hudson Valley Post. 

Last weekend, three people were bitten in Yorktown — a jogger and two people in their backyard. as I mentioned, it's a very unusual occurrence for a fox to attack a human, which is why all three Yorktown individuals are receiving preventative rabies treatment. Police say they've have ramped up patrols, keeping a lookout for other foxes in the neighborhood. They are also asking that if you spot a fox (the animal, not the ones Jimi Hendrix refers to) immediately call 914-962-4141.

I remember an incident in my backyard here in New Fairfield many years ago. I had pulled into my driveway around 9 pm and as I was locking up the car, I noticed coming out of the brush in my neighbor's backyard were three foxes walking together and staring at me with their beady little fox eyes. I swear they were heading straight towards me but I didn't stick around to find out. I ran like a son-of-bitch and made it to my front door just in time!

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