I believe most people are good. If you're into country music or not, I definitely agree with Luke Bryan on this!

Recently a Sheriff’s Deputy in Jefferson County Alabama, Tiffany Dial was paying her respects in front of a fallen officer’s memorial.  The slain sergeant, Wytasha Carter, was gunned down in the line of duty on Jan 13th.  He was a 44 -year old father and husband.

Dial was standing at the memorial in the pouring rain, saluting her fellow comrade when a man walked up behind her with a large umbrella, shielding her from the rain for over 30 minutes and then just walked away according to ABC News affiliate WBMA-TV.  An anonymous onlooker photographed the pair.

Dial later stated that she didn’t know he was there because her hat obstructed her peripheral vision and she was totally engrossed in paying her respects to Sgt. Carter.  A few days later, with the help of the news station’s viewers, the man was identified as Shawn Allen.  When interviewed he said he just wanted to keep her dry and warm for a little while out of respect. Check out the heartwarming video:

Our local police officers risk their lives every day for us.  They make us feel safe and ask for nothing in return.  Please acknowledge the sacrifices they make and pay it forward with an act of kindness.  Some ways you can do that are simple…shake an officer’s hand, offer to pay for a meal, visit a memorial to honor fallen heroes, and spread positive stories on social media.

What are some other ways you can think of to say thank you?

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