Flood waters took over the intersection at Elm and South State Street in Stamford trapping drivers who needed to be rescued.

According to the Danbury Daily Voice, 1.13 inches of rain fell in Stamford, which was enough to trap more than 30 drivers in their vehicles. The Stamford Fire Department received more than 300 calls this past Tuesday afternoon because of the flood waters.

City officials reported that the Dale Street area of Stamford was covered by 3 feet of water, which was called "unprecedented." Even a school bus from the Rogers Institute was inundated by water up to its bumper and students had to be rescued.

Here's a valuable safety tip if you get caught in your car on a flooded road: Do not drive through standing water. All it takes is 12 inches of moving water to sweep your vehicle off the road. How much water fell in your community? Here are the local numbers:

  1. Danbury - 2.71 inches
  2. Brookfield - 2.37 inches
  3. New Fairfield - 2.27 inches
  4. Bethel - 2 inches
  5. Wilton - 5.25 inches
  6. Trumbull - 7.32 inches

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