A popular hot spot in Danbury will have to be closed for a day or two, but things could've been much worse were it not for the quick action of the Danbury Fire Department.

According to the DFD, the report of a structure fire at Minas Carne & Deli came through at 11:12 AM on Friday, March 6.

As it so happened, the department's Truck 1 was just around the corner at the time, allowing for a response to the reported fire at 36 Osbourne Street within three minutes of the initial dispatch.

As local EMS, police, the Fire Marshal's Office and Eversource power responded to the working fire, Danbury firefighters reportedly had the situation under control by 11:20 AM, just seven minutes after the call.

The DFD says that the bulk of the damage to the building was contained to the exterior, with some "minimal" smoke damage to the interior.

Also responding to the scene due to smoke damage and type of business that the popular deli is, the Danbury Building Department and the city's Department of Health and Human Services says that Minas Carne had to be closed for at least Friday, until it can be officially cleared for safe occupancy.

The Danbury Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating the cause of the fire, which as of this writing is still undetermined.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported for any occupants or first responders.

The scene was reportedly cleared at 1:14 PM on Friday. 

Even Mayor Mark expressed his sense of relief that the beloved Brazilian barbecue joint will be back in action in no time:

Click through the gallery for more photos from the scene of the fire, courtesy of the Danbury Fire Department:

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