On Tuesday (10/26/21) I published an article titled: "Letter Sent to Putnam County Voters Accuses Candidate for Sheriff to Be Racist and Discriminatory." 

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On Wednesday (10/27/21) I published an article called: "Putnam County Sheriff Candidate Kevin McConville Says He's Not Racist, My Opponent is Trying to Smear Me." 

The first article introduced content distributed to Putnam County voters concerning candidate McConville where statements were made suggesting he is a racist. In the second article, we quoted McConville as saying he's not racist, he was dropped from the legal matter cited in the mailer and that his opponent (Langley) was trying to "smear" him.

Now it is Robert Langley's turn, we asked the Sheriff of Putnam County to join the Ethan and Lou Show Thursday and talk about the mailer and his opponent. Below are excerpts from that interview. Below are some of the questions we asked and the answers given.

Lou Milano - Ethan & I are playing catchup but what got our attention was this mailer. I have relatives in Putnam County that were all telling me about this piece of mail that was sent out, making allegations against your opponent Kevin McConville for being racist and discriminatory. And, there was an old court case that was used in the letter that has specific allegations against him. We had him on the show (Ethan & Lou Show) yesterday and he said, he's not racist, he was removed from that lawsuit by the judge and basically cleared of the scandal. Sheriff Langley, were you responsible, as his opponent for the distribution of that letter?

Sheriff Langley: "No, absolutely not. You know as a result of the article coming out on your website, I did a little research and that case, I wasn't even familiar with. I was familiar with a much larger case and I did some research and put the pieces of this puzzle together.

What I see, following the paper trail with the southern district court is that case, along with many others were done with what is called a joinder where they consolidate multiple cases together that have the same basis against the same defendants.

And, there is about ten people, nine of them were black and one was Hispanic and that was all put together and became a class action suit in 2007. Also, it's the very same year that Kevin McConville left the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), he left the MTA in October of 2007 and was officially off the books in January of 2008.

So, there's a lot of questions out there, people asking me, do I know anything about it? And, I wasn't part of the MTA so I really don't know too much about the case. The only thing else I can tell you is the case was sealed, there are many decisions that the judge reserved decision against Kevin McConville individually. Which means, the Judge needed to do a little more research.

But then, that class action suit involving the ten Plaintiffs, the MTA settled for $1.2 Million. So, that raises a question and it's a question people want answered."

Lou Milano - Ok, but the specific mailer, you didn't gather information for the mailer? You didn't give this information?

Sheriff Langley - "No, absolutely not, like I said I wasn't even familiar with that case until you had it on your website. Someone told me they heard the story on I-95, I went to your website to try and find the audio and I couldn't find that. But, then I saw the printed article and was able to figure out what case it was from that. and other people, talking with them, actually, an individual who is part of my grass roots campaign actually received that mailer the other day." 

Lou Milano - So they were unaware of it?

Sheriff Langley - "That is correct." 

Lou Milano - There was something about the return address, I'm told there was no return address on some of the mailers and then others had a return address of Certified Contracting Services on Tomahawk Street in Mahopac. Do you have a relationship with them?

Sheriff Langley - "I know that there are some groups that are running PACs (Political Action Committees) supposedly in support of me, that are trying to get me re-elected, Certified Contracting? I think that might be one of the groups that is running a PAC." 

There is plenty more to hear from our interview with Robert Langley and you can do that by clicking on the video at the top of the page. In the unedited interview, Langley addressed concerns McConville raised about him. McConville says Langley is named in eight lawsuits and regularly records phone calls with public officials. Don't miss what the Sheriff of Putnam County had to say.

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