Putnam County, NY has had a total of 2,844 positive COVID-19 test results since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the New York State Department of Health COVID-19 Tracker.

New York State DOH
New York State DOH

The latest numbers say Putnam County has 167 active cases of COVID-19 and that number is up from the last time they released data. Carmel and Southeast lead the county in positives. According to the Patch, Putnam County currently leads the Hudson region in active positives. Statewide in NY, there have been 19,421,498 tests conducted, and a total of 647,980 positive tests.

Governor Andrew Cuomo does not believe we have seen the worst of the increases resulting from the Thanksgiving holiday. He told the New York Times, "I don’t believe we’ve seen the hit from Thanksgiving." He followed that statement up by saying the increase “will be dramatic.”

The Governor announced his new five step plan to combat the virus on Monday to reporters. Newsday says the plan included, but was not limited to, increased testing, strengthening the hospitals, making testing more available to minorities and curbing what he called the "living room spread."

Cuomo has come under fire the last two days over that press briefing and not for the plan, but because he and his top aides on the dais were not wearing masks according to the NY Post. 

Are you having fun yet? Any of you? I'm not either. Terrifying numbers, arguments over the metrics, hypocritical leadership that talks down to us, fear and we haven't mentioned the actual illness yet. This is absurd, all of it.

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