According to the News Times, Connecticut lawmakers are looking into the idea of allowing residents to hunt bear in the state. Bear sighting are on the rise around Connecticut. Proponents say the bears are showing up in urban areas, while opponents say they are slow to reproduce.

There you go, Connecticut. You may be able to hunt bear soon. This means I will be opening a restaurant that exclusively serves bear meat. I will call my restaurant "Bear Necessities." We will be open Monday evenings only from 6-8pm. I have to get up early in the morning, so that schedule will work nicely. With the limited hours we will be in high demand so reservations will be required. I don't feel like going through the trouble of dealing with a liquor license either, so it will be a BYOB situation.

I have never been a hunter. The whole thing is not appealing to me. You have to get up at ass crack in the morning, trudge through the cold dressed like a psycho, smear your boots in urine and just wait. It's not for me all the way around. I have, however, always maintained that if you are going to hunt, you should hunt something that can hunt you back. I think that the bear fits in that category quite nicely.

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