I can hear my mother yelling at me now, "What did I tell you about sticking your finger in that gumball machine?!"

It was a child innocently searching for that sugar rush that got him in trouble. According nbcconnecticut.com, it all began when a 4-year-old Greenwich boy walked up to a gumball machine at the Palms Barbershop at 20 Church St. in Greenwich with his mind set on popping a delicious red gum ball into his mouth. The problem was that the gumball machine wasn't ready to dish out that red gumball without a fight, so the 4 year old wasn't giving up by sticking his finger up into the mechanism.

You guessed right, his finger got stuck, so the barbershop had to call 911. Greenwich firefighters answered the call with Engine 1 and Rescue 5 along with Greenwich EMS. Needless to say, the young lad turned out to be just fine although sadly, the gumball machine didn't make it, but the 4-year-old boy did get his haircut.

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