Psychic readers and mediums are plentiful all throughout Connecticut. In fact, I have some good friends who swear by their psychic.

I've experienced the work of a psychic and a psychic medium both personally and as a spectator. About twenty years ago, I actually called a psychic who was on a Danbury radio show. My question was,

Over the next 10 years, will I still be working in radio or will I be managing my DJ service full time?

The psychic told me I would be working both of my jobs full time, which means she was right-on.

The other instance was when Lou and I had psychic medium James Van Praagh live in the studio, and he was taking phone calls from our listeners regarding loved ones who had passed on. As he was speaking to one of our male listeners who had currently lost his wife to cancer, Mr. Van Praagh began asking him questions about his wife.

All of a sudden, the floodgates opened and our caller began crying because Van Praagh had mentioned private moments between the two that no one else could ever know. It was a breath taking experience.

A recent article in the New Haven Register informs readers that psychospiritual  healing services are doing very well in Connecticut, but how can you tell a legitimate psychic or medium from the fakes? According to the website,, psychic Bob Olson listed the four telltale signs differentiating the real from the fakes:

  1. Fake psychic mediums ask a lot of leading questions.
  2. They present vague, general messages rather than accurate evidence.
  3. Fake psychic mediums may claim that you are cursed.
  4. They may ask you for personal information like your social security card, driver's license number or bank account numbers and passwords.

How much does a reputable psychic/medium charge for a session? According to psychic Bob Olson, a well respected psychic will average between $100 - $350 per session. Celebrity psychics are usually much more expensive.

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