According to a Federal prosecutor via the New York Daily News, the Village of Brewster was at the center of a prostitution ring. Brooklyn Federal prosecutors and the FBI report that Teodoro Rojas Lopez would bring women to the Village of Brewster from NYC to have sex with men in exchange for money.

Rojas Lopez allegedly had 400 "Johns" in his phone, 383 are listed as living in Brewster according to the criminal complaint. The sex ring, reportedly originated out of Queens, NY and would supply the men with women of Mexican and Latin American heritage.

The complaint goes on to detail the fee, saying the men would be charged $100 for a half-hour. It's not Rojas Lopez's first arrest in Putnam County, NY. According to the reports, he was arrested in Carmel, NY in 2018 with two women in his car and he admitted to taking them to a dozen "appointments" that day.

He served under a year in jail for the 2018 arrest and police say he was soon back working for the sex ring, driving women to Brewster. Investigators point to surveillance evidence from spring 2020, saying he was seen dropping women off and picking women up from several locations in the Village.

Rojas Lopez has been charged with using a cellphone to promote prostitution and at this time no other members of the sex ring have been identified or arrested.

383 "Johns" from the Village of Brewster? The Village only has a population of 2,400. Let me do some quick math, if you will just bare with me. 383, right, 2,400.....hmmm. 

Oh, that's 15% of the population. What!? 

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