The United States Department of Justice issued a release on Tuesday (12/14/21), laying out their case against six individuals they say were part of a prostitution ring.

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The sex operation allegedly stretched from NYC, to the Village of Brewster and beyond. A 14-count indictment was unsealed in a Federal courtroom in Brooklyn that alleges 6 men, one a Village of Brewster cop, either participated in or assisted in the sex trafficking operation.

Prosecutors have filed a wide array of sex related charges against Luz Elvira Cardona, Roberto Cesar Cid Dominguez, Cristian Noe Godinez, Blanca Hernandez Morales, Jose Facundo Zarate Morales and Wayne Peiffer.

Wayne Peiffer, the Village of Brewster cop, is alleged to have accepted sex acts in exchange for protecting the illegal sex ring. FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Michael Driscoll had this to say of the arrest and prosecution of a law enforcement officer:

“Our arrest of a police officer isn't the most egregious facet of this investigation. We allege Mr. Peiffer had sex with the girls being trafficked as payment for his protection of the traffickers. The oath law enforcement officers take affirms they will serve and protect law abiding citizens and vulnerable members of the community, not aid and abet criminals who are abusing young girls and forcing them to have sex against their will."

Village of Brewster cop Wayne Peiffer was arrested in Highland, NY. Cardona, Cid Dominguez, Hernandez Morales and Zarate Morales were arrested in Queens, NY and Cristian Noe Godinez is considered a fugitive.

The release goes onto say that Peiifer allegedly "directed members of the Cid-Hernandez Sex Trafficking Organization and the Godinez Prostitution Business to deliver women to him, including at the BPD police station, so that he could engage in sexual activity with the women at no cost to Peiffer."

The DOJ press release makes clear that all of the charges listed in the indictment are "allegations" and the defendants are "presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty."

Back in Feb of 2021, Federal prosecutors mapped out their case against Teodoro Rojas Lopez for his role in the sex ring.

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