Tired of noisy neighbors, feel boxed in at your current home, want a little room to roam?Well then, do we have an island for you. It's the ultimate island retreat in Patterson, NY, and it's available now.

This picturesque and unique waterfront property is called Willow Island. Accessible by boat, Willow Island is the perfect place for nature lovers, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

Imagine yourself on your own private island complete with multiple docks, your own solar powered boat, and a private 4 bedroom and 1.5 bath home that is believed to be built from the same stone quarry as the Holland Tunnel — how cool is that?

The house has 35 windows giving you a 360 view of Putnam Lake, it has a dramatic cut stone fireplace, hardwood floors, beamed ceilings and a gourmet kitchen complete with high end appliances. There's even a separate 600 sq. ft. studio perfect for a yoga & meditation studio or an artist studio. You even get access to a separately deeded private driveway and garage on the mainland.

Now how much do you think you would pay for a property like this? 8 million, 5 million, how about 2 million? Not even close. This island paradise is now being listed at just $850,000.

Check out this video of all you get on Willow Island:

Here's a look at just where Willow Island is located:

google maps image
google maps image

So now that you have taken a look at this piece of paradise right in our backyard, are you ready to take the island by storm? It's cheap, it's historic, and it could be yours, if the price is right.

Take a look at the photo gallery:

Willow Island

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