PPE vending machines are popping up at Metro-North stations, but not in Connecticut.

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According to midhudsonnews.com, twelve stations along Metro-North's Harlem Line now have reconfigured vending machines where you can purchase PPE (personal protective equipment) but only in New York State.

Why wasn't Connecticut included? It's admirable that Metro-North is making an effort to keep their passengers safe, although it is required that you wear a mask before boarding any Metro-North train, so now, the "I forgot my mask" excuse no longer applies. There are no PPE vending machines at Metro-North stations in CT.

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation told Hearst Connecticut Media that they are looking into providing the PPE vending machines along the New Haven Line "but have no definitive plans at this time." 

Currently, if you board a train in Connecticut and don't have a mask, one will be provided for you by the conductor. That same spokesperson stated that offering PPE "just hasn't been asked for from our customer base."

Products that are available in the vending machines are KN95 masks, bottled hand sanitizer, and gloves. Remember that you need to be wearing a mask to board a Metro-North train.


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