The Candlewood Lake Authority has reported the discovery of a potentially damaging zebra mussel.

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Before we begin to panic, only one zebra mussel was found off the southern tip of Vaughn's Neck in 13 feet of water. The discovery was made by a FirstLight consultant whose one job is to conduct their zebra mussel monitoring program.

The good news is that the zebra mussel was removed, and it looks like it was not of reproductive age. There are ten sites around Candlewood Lake where the zebra mussels are monitored, and all ten are checked by FirstLight around this same time every year according to an article on the website There were no others found at the other nine sites. This video will show you why boaters need to be vigilant about checking the undersides of their boats for zebra mussels.

The zebra mussel is a nasty little critter because it chows down on so much algae and plankton it disrupts the natural food chain of a fresh body of water. They can also attach themselves to boats and docks which is why you will see signs at Candlewood Lake boat ramps reminding boaters to check the underside of their watercraft to make sure those pesky lake damaging zebra mussels haven't latched on for a free ride.

FirstLight and the Candlewood Lake Authority have been able to work together to fight off an influx of zebra mussels. In 2009, the zebra mussels were found in the Housatonic River where the infestation spread to Lake Zoar and Lake Lillinonah.

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