The goalie for the Carolina Thunderbirds (Chris Paulin) had to be escorted from the ice Saturday night (1/29/22) after losing to the Danbury Hat Tricks.

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The Danbury Hat Tricks won their third straight game Saturday night (11/29/22) and gained three points on the year, after beating Carolina 3-2 in comeback fashion.

A late goal by Kodiak Whiteduck sealed the victory for Danbury but when all was said and done, Carolina goalie Chris Paulin wanted more. Apparently Paulin still had enough energy to attempt to stay on the ice and try an fight DHT goalie Frankie McClendon.. Paulin was eventually removed from the ice without incident.

My DHT insider (Ron from Stamford) had this to say on Sunday morning:

"What a game last night! Bunch of fights, bunch of penalties. And, as the final horn blew the goalies started to go after each other (there is a history there). Tonight should be insane!" 

Ron also shared the game link with me, you can see Paulin's attempt at "extracurricular" behavior at the 3:13:11 mark of the video. Ron provided more information on the "history' between the two goaltenders saying: McClendon and Paulin "used to be on the same team" and "hate each other."

If I was a losing hockey goaltender, I'd be embarrassed to show enough energy to start a fight after the game. I mean, if you have enough juice left in you to fight after the final horn blows, maybe you didn't lay out enough during the game?

UPDATE: Sunday (1/30/22) the DHT played Carolina again and the final was Danbury 5, Carolina 3. There were no fights according to my insider but plenty of action. Now the Hat Tricks have won 4 straight.

The Danbury Hat Tricks next home game is February 10, 2022 with the Watertown Wolves coming to town.

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