All things must pass. Unless you're talking about the music of George Harrison. That will go on forever.

Today is George Harrison's birthday. As I sat down to write this article during the week I tried to think back to the exact moment I became a fan and then it hit me. It was actually in a movie theater.

It was July of '89, I went to see Lethal Weapon 2 with some friends. Sure the movie was great but it was during the end credits, while most moviegoers were making their way out of the theater, that I had my real goose-bump moment.

"What is THIS song? I have to hear more," I thought. My friends were waiting for me to get up from my seat and leave but I was still sitting, oblivious to everything happening around me.

Finally the credits roll up to the song titles. Sure enough, it was George Harrison. Who could mistake that voice but, man, that slide guitar! Is that George too?

Thanks to MTV I had been exposed to the amazing music of The Traveling Wilburys, heard George's solo hit "Got My Mind Set On You" a million times by then. Oh yeah, there was also that little band he was in called The Beatles.

The next day I went out to the record store and bought the "Lethal Weapon 2" soundtrack just for that song. Looking back now I can hear the sound of the gateway opening. I was in. I was officially a George Harrison fan.

I picked up his 1987 album 'Cloud 9' and immediately loved it. "Cloud 9", "That's What It Takes", "Just For Today", "This Is Love", "When We Was Fab", "Someplace Else", "Got My Mind Set On You". Wow! I was already blown away and I hadn't even gotten to his previous body of work leading up to that album.

Eventually the rest of his career passed through my ears, mind and soul. Songs like "My Sweet Lord", "What Is Life", "Crackerbox Palace", and "Wah-Wah" are as essential to my everyday life as breathing at this point.

I would love to be able to say I was a DJ who spun those classic records he recorded at the time they were released in the 70s. That was a little before my time, unfortunately, but I do remember playing his single "Stuck Inside A Cloud" from his posthumous 2002 album "Brainwashed" and for that I'm grateful.

I'm even more grateful, and thankful, to George for that one moment in that dimly lit movie theater when I felt the amazing rush from hearing "Cheer Down".

Thank You George Harrison.

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