I don't know what's in the air along the Connecticut shoreline, but there has been a rash of people acting out and trashing stores over the past couple of weeks.

Video surfaced recently of a man vandalizing the Bloomingdale's store at the SoNo Collection in Norwalk, and we just received word that another incident happened at a Dunkin' over the weekend.

According to the Milford Police Department, officers were called to the Dunkin Donuts at 364 Bridgeport Ave on Sunday morning (Feb. 9) around 2:45 AM. When they arrived, they say they found a combative, shirtless man, jumping around on the counters and trash cans, hucking items around the store.

The man allegedly resisted all efforts by the police to control him, but with the help of Milford PD K-9 Zar, he was taken into custody, and transported to a nearby hospital. Dunkin staff estimated that the man allegedly caused about $5,000 worth of damages before the cops came.

We unfortunately don't have a way of peering into his head, but if what this man is accused of is true, I imagine this is what he was thinking just prior to jumping the counter: "Hey, French Cruller, stop staring at me. You keep looking at me with those glazed, doughy eyes, and we're gonna have a problem. Bruh. Seriously? I warned you.. here comes the glaze!"

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