According to police, the bodies of two fishermen who fell into the Housatonic River from the Bleachery Dam have been recovered.

Police identified 23-year-old Johnny Sanchez and 35-year-old Wilson Pacheco as the two who were fishing off the Bleachery Dam in New Milford on Wednesday evening. One of the men slipped and fell into the river, and the other man dove in to try and rescue him, and both were carried away by the current.

Sanchez's body was located Friday morning, and a boater found Pacheco's body on Saturday morning. According to FOX61, many have come forward saying that the Bleachery Dam is a dangerous place to fish.

New Milford Police Chief Spencer Ceruto told FOX61 that the undercurrents of a dam could actually pull somebody under. "People should be aware of those dangers," said Ceruto.






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