A Bridgeport Connecticut neighborhood has been targeted by what police say looks to be thieves seeking female Yorkshire Terriers for breeders. The Yorkies were taken from homes according to ABC News. Authorities believe the breeders are illegal.

The eleven pets were all taken at different times over the past two weeks. Town officials think that the thieves have been stalking pet owners while they’re with their dogs, and only taking females of the breed. Not one single animal of the eleven taken is male.

Bridgeport City Councilwoman Jeanette Herron spoke with WABC News, and stated: “Someone is watching people with Yorkies.”

As predators are eyeing owners walking their dogs even possibly from afar, they’re able to observe which are female. Police are literally going door to door asking questions in hopes of getting some clues as to where the missing pups might be. The vicitmized owners of the dogs have expressed that they're devastated by the thefts.

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