The latest development in the ongoing case of a missing mother of five from Connecticut reportedly offers up some actual physical evidence, according to warrants obtained by police.

According to Fox News, police say that they've located some items of clothing and sponges that are believed to be soaked in the blood of 50-year-old Jennifer Dulos, a Connecticut woman whose disappearance on May 24, 2019, has gathered attention from media outlets across the county. The bloody clothing was reportedly found in trash receptacles in Hartford.

In what police are describing as related evidence, the Hartford Courant reports that phone records for Fotis Dulos, the missing woman's estranged husband who was arrested Saturday on charges of hindering prosecution and tampering with evidence, show that he was in fact in the same areas as the Hartford trash cans on the very night Jennifer Dulos disappeared.

Also, police say that surveillance footage they obtained from the same Hartford area in question show a Ford Raptor truck stopping at many locations over the course of a large stretch of Albany Avenue. In the footage, a white male was reportedly seen placing items into trash cans, and in one specific clip, a white female was reportedly seen leaning out of the side of the Ford. The male, the female and the truck itself all match the respective descriptions of Fotis Dulos, his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, who was also arrested on tampering charges, and the Ford Raptor that belongs to Dulos.

All of that reported evidence comes just a short time after investigators determined that some sort of physical altercation had occurred inside of Jennifer Dulos' New Canaan home. Police say they found blood stains, blood spatter and evidence that coincides with an attempt to clean up a crime scene.

Both Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis appeared in court for arraignment on Monday, and police say more charges will be likely filed against them in the days to come.

Currently, Jennifer Dulos' disappearance is still being treated as a missing persons case.

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