It's not the first time that Holy Land in Waterbury has been the target of anti-semitic vandalism, and this past weekend it happened again.

According to the Waterbury Observer's Facebook page, last Friday night, vandals once again spray painted swastikas, anti-semitic vulgarities, and a call out to the 960 street gang all over the Holy Land USA property.  Judging from the looks of things, the vandals don't seem to be affiliated with any supremacy groups or street gangs, but it's still a noteworthy incident. Police are now investigating these crimes.

Police issued a press release with photos of possible suspects who were seen leaving Target with what police believe are cans of spray paint that was used in the vandalism. The suspects were described as two teenage females and one teenage male.

Image Courtesy Of Waterbury Police Department Lieutenant David Silverio

The same possible suspects were also seen outside the entrance to Holy Land prior to entering the property and spray painting graffiti.

Image Courtesy Of Waterbury Police Department Lieutenant David Silverio

After releasing the images of the suspects, detectives received several tips identifying the three individuals responsible leading to their arrest.

The suspects, two adults, and one juvenile are identified as Heniel Centeno of Waterbury, who's being held on a $75,000 bond pending arraignment, Yianyilee Mejia, also of Waterbury, held on $50,000 bond pending arraignment, and the juvenile, (name withheld), released on a written promise to appear.

** Warning, some of the wording on these images may be considered offensive **

Vandalism At Holy Land In Waterbury

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