A Danbury teen is facing 11 charges including assault on a police officer following an incident that happened in Newtown earlier last week.

According to the Newtown Police Department, officers attempted to stop a car on Sunday, October 7, that they say was carrying a rear license plate that didn't match and was also missing a front license plate altogether. Things reportedly escalated quickly when the person believed to have been driving the vehicle allegedly engaged in a pursuit with the police instead of pulling over.

At that point, the Newtown PD says the officers disengaged in the pursuit out of concern to the local community. Before long, however, Officer James reportedly spotted that same car on a side street and attempted to confront the driver. While Officer James was trying to disable the car, the operator allegedly hit the gas, dragging the officer and nearly crushing him between the vehicle and his patrol car.

A short time later, Officer James reportedly spotted the vehicle again, but by that time, it was left unoccupied. The Newtown PD brought in a K9 unit, which was able to track the movement of the suspects on foot, but lost the trail when the suspects were allegedly picked up by a car nearby.

The main suspect has since been identified as 18-year-old John Paul Suero of Danbury, on whom police were able to obtain an arrest warrant that held 11 charges. Among those charges were assault on a police officer, engaging in a pursuit and first degree larceny, as the vehicle is believed by police to have been stolen.

After a manhunt by both the Newtown and Danbury Police Departments this past Saturday (October 13) Suero, who aside from the warrant for this incident, had three other outstanding warrants for his arrest, was apprehended, held over the weekend on a $104,500 bond and transported to Danbury Superior for arraignment on Monday (October 15).

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