According to the News Times, Danbury police are warning residents of an ATM scam. 

The scam involves devices called "skimmers" that are attached to the ATM machine. The skimmers record your card information, and are often accompanied by a camera that catches you typing in your pin number.

This morning on the Ethan and Lou Miracle Network, we talked about this, and it went a little something like this:

Police say to look for tape residue and damaged equipment. They also say to cover your pin entry with your hand to avoid it being recorded on camera. These scams are not limited to ATM machines, according to authorities. They also include gas pumps and credit card readers.

There is no longer any safety in this digital world. I lost my ATM card over the weekend, and I did not realize it for about 4 hours. Once I figured it out, I totally freaked. I had images of someone running around town spending our hard-earned money. We called and cancelled the card as soon as we realized it was gone.

There is a silver lining that gives me hope that humanity is not completely lost. Some woman found our card, tracked us down on Facebook, and made arrangements to meet us and return it. There are still some good people in this world. Thank you, lady whose name I don't know, for not spending our money.

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