A Danbury man has reportedly admitted to several local crimes, according to police, including a residential burglary and the assault of an elderly woman.

According to a social media post from the Danbury Police Department, 23-year-old Eddinson Sanchez of Danbury was arrested while he was already serving time for previous convictions after being identified as the suspect in a burglary that took place back on September 4, 2018.

On that night, police say Sanchez climbed into a second story window of a Liberty Street home, stealing a few pieces of property from a person who was sleeping inside. At one point, the resident reportedly woke up and during a brief confrontation, Sanchez allegedly threatened the person with a large knife before taking off.

Apparently, a local business in the area of the burglary captured images of Sanchez, which the DPD was able to use to identify him as the suspect.

Danbury PD
Danbury PD

While Sanchez was being interviewed by police in regards to that burglary, he allegedly admitted to another one that occurred right near St. Peter's Church on October 22, 2018. This time, the victim was an elderly woman. Police say Sanchez admitted to stealing the woman's purse and pushing her to the ground, at which point she sustained significant injuries.

In addition to those two crimes, Eddinson Sanchez reportedly explained to authorities that he was responsible for several other crimes, which are still being investigated at this time.

Eddinson Sanchez has been slapped with a slew of charges, including burglary, larceny, robbery and assault on an elderly person.

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