Two men were arrested on drug and trespassing charges Saturday (August 31) after police say they were caught with "magic mushrooms" on the grounds of a massive island estate in Darien, CT.

According to the CT Post, 26-year-old Chris Allam and 23-year-old Nick Allam were arrested both charged with criminal trespass, while Nick Allam got an additional charge of possession of a hallucinogen.

The authorities say they turned up the "Magic Mushrooms" during a search of Nick Allam's person after noticing he was allegedly moving his hand in and out of his pocket and acting in a "nervous fashion." The two men, one from Fairfield the other from New York City, are due in court September 10.

The property where the arrest took place is the famous and is known as "The Great Island property." The estate is currently on the market for $120 Million. It's 63 acres on the shore of Long Island Sound, has a dock that can support a 100 foot yacht, has a 9 bedroom manor, blah, blah, blah -- it is amazing.

If the men did trespass, as the police say, I would imagine they did it out of curiosity. This is a place, a certain kind of place, most of us will never see. It's apparently a problem that is not specific to the two men in question. Police say they have been receiving complaints about trespass and vandalism for quite a while, which is why they were on patrol there Saturday.

I am not condoning criminal trespass, I'm just saying I'd like to get a look myself. Sure, there are pictures online, but I want to get up in there and get a decent look around, don't you? Look at it, that is the property.

Houlihan Lawrence
Houlihan Lawrence

Houlihan Lawrence has the listing and the above photo is their featured image. It's an aerial of 63 acres on the water. That is dope AF.

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