Young love, methamphetamine and Baby Yoda all collided on Native American Burial grounds, according to police via NBC 36 (Austin). Authorities say a Hays County Texas couple was arrested recently and faces several charges after they allegedly were found trespassing on an Native American Burial ground in Central Texas.

The cops say the married couple (isn't that sweet?) was approached by wardens, the two said they were on a date, a search yielded a pipe shaped like baby Yoda that was filled with crystal meth residue. When the warden put the Yoda pipe down to talk to the woman, the man picked it up, smashed it, claimed he had coronavirus and coughed at the authorities. A further search of the woman's purse turned up Native American artifacts.

This is an aggressive afternoon out if you ask me. It's one thing to trespass and get that rush we all crave now and again. It's another yet to smoke meth out of Yoda's head, steal things, lie about having COVID-19 and cough it in a cops face. What did you do this weekend?

Maybe this is what my wife is talking about when she mentions spontaneity? The last time we went on a date it was super wild, we stayed out thirty minutes after we told the sitter we would be home and she (Erica) spent thirty eight dollars on an entree she was pretty sure she would not like. She did not end up liking it at all, we got nuts.

Now let's watch Baby Yoda drink soup out of a tiny cup directly on the heels of a stressful battle.

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