You might choose not to display that fake handicapped parking permit at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford.

27 handicapped placards were seized by the Hartford Police Department during the last two Xfinity Theatre concerts according to Fox 61 News. Little did the offenders know the HPD checks placard numbers and ID's at the entrance to the venue.

Hartford Police Department
Hartford Police Department

As a courtesy, the Xfinity Theatre does not charge a parking fee for people who hold a legitimate handicapped parking permit. This means that those who are actually handicapped with valid permits are forced to park much farther away if handicapped spaces are full.

If you're caught using an unauthorized handicapped parking permit, Hartford Police will fine you $150 for your first offense and $250 for your second. For those caught using the placards from an individual who has passed away, the fine is $100. Is it just so difficult to do the right thing most of the time?

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