This self-isolation thing that we're all going through is making businesses change the way that they're doing things. We've seen Hollywood adapt by finally caving in and allowing first-run movies in our homes, and just the other week Pearl Jam was under fan-fire to make their new album Gigaton available earlier than the planned release date.

Mrs. Large and I took a few minutes to get out of our place and pick up a few essentials, figuring that most people would be home for Easter, and I reported earlier this week that some businesses were giving their employees today off. We took a ride out to Southbury Plaza to hit the Stop & Shop. It was very quiet, and mostly I had the aisles to myself. I headed into the beverage aisle, and I was very surprised to find a full rack of Polar Seltzer's limited 2020 Summer seasonal flavors!



Aw man, New England is CRAZED for Polar Seltzer, it's so good, and they always surprise with a wide variety of limited flavors that they release throughout the year. I bought one of each flavor, and headed back to my vehicle with the liquid gold.

I excitedly told Mrs. Large about my score, and she jumped onto Polar's website, which explained that for the first time ever, the company moved up the planned May 1 release of the Summer 2020 Seasonal Flavors to April 1. There's some interesting flavors too:






The Southbury Stop & Shop is the first place that I've seen these in stock, and they had quite a few of each flavor available. I'm interested in trying the Plum and the Margarita flavors.

Thank you Polar Beverage, this action was a nice surprise that took a bit of the anxiety that I was feeling away, well, as much as you could walking around a supermarket with a mask and gloves on. This is a nice move that will pleasantly surprise millions of your fans around here.

We got a new Tiger King episode, Polar seasonal flavors, and first-run movies, what would make you feel better, or give you some comfort right now? What would you like to see released early next?

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