Early this week (8/2/21) KTLA reported that officials in the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada had to shut down the south shore of the Lake because of chipmunks.

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The chipmunks in question had tested positive for the plague, not a plague, but THE plague. They expect the shores and the associated parks to be back open by the weekend but are cautioning locals to stay away for now.

I was trying to think of something more terrifying than plague-munks and I can't find an answer because nothing is scarier. I mean they are cute so you let your guard down. Take an ugly as sin animal, you don't go near them under normal circumstances, then you hear they have the plague and you really keep your distance.

But, chipmunks are always attempting to lure us in with their cute cheeks, their chewing, squeaky noises and generally adorable maneuvers. Now, you are sucked into their charisma, attempting to feed them assorted nuts and the little plague puff licks your face and that spells the end for you.

It's the sneaky ones you never see coming, cute is really a weakness for us all. So, the lesson is, never trust anything cute, it could be riddled with the plague, it could lick your face and it could kill you. Food for thought.

I am rooting for something like this to happen in CT though. Not the plague, not chipmunks but something in the same ballpark. Take frogs, add steroids, you have CT overrun by steroid infused frogs attacking strangers, stealing our women and precious metals.

That is a story I can sell and I await it with great anticipation.

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