This past weekend, the Newtown Community Center and Newtown Chamber of Commerce outdid themselves by presenting the Newtown Holiday Laser Light Show on the Fairfield Hills campus.

You had to purchase tickets online, which were $20 per carload for a half-hour slot of your choice. We chose the 7:30 pm time slot for Saturday, December 10th. We arrived at 7:20 and joined the cars waiting to be directed to the appropriate route.

Unfortunately, we sat in our cars for close to one hour waiting our turn. Two things truly annoy me; a screaming toddler and waiting in line. I couldn't yell at anyone because I was reasonably sure they were running behind schedule because of the number of cars at the show.

As I looked at the clock for the one-hundreth time and noticed it was 8:10 pm, I thought my head was going to explode, and then, the line of vehicles began creeping along and I saw it!

We had reached our final destination as I observed two Newtown police officers directing cars into individual parking spaces facing one specific building. When all the spots were filled, the beginning notes of Wizards of Winter from Trans-Siberian Orchestra began blaring from a phenomenal sound system. It was SHOWTIME!

Take a look through the awesome show we got to witness:

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