Phillip Morris International, the Swiss/American global cigarette and tobacco manufacturing powerhouse behind iconic brands Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, Chesterfield and Merit has just announced with Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, that PMI will relocate it's Corporate Headquarters out of New York City, to an undetermined location in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

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The new headquarters is planned to be in operation in about a year, by the summer of 2022. Governor Lamont expects the move to bring approximately 200 new jobs into Connecticut.

According to the press release, PMI CEO Jacek Olczak said-

"Connecticut offers a valuable mix of technological know-how, future-forward thinking and an open-minded approach to problem solving. We consider it an ideal location for our new US head office, where we will be working to more quickly achieve our vision of a smoke-free future. We are excited about what the state has to offer to our company, our employees, and their families, and we very much look forward to integrating into the community in a meaningful way."

Connecticut has grown some of the finest tobacco leaves in the world. Connecticut shade tobacco leaves are used on some of the world's best cigars. If you drive in Northern Connecticut, you can see tobacco fields in Windsor, Enfield, and Suffield.

Phillip Morris International sold 850 billion cigarettes in 2015, 850 billion. I quit smoking tobacco 20 years ago in 2001. It's been very tough to stay away from their products, Marlboro Lights were my brand. I can see why the United States has so tightly regulated advertising on the product. I still get the urge when I see someone on screen light up. PMI is shifting away from tobacco and smoking and moving towards alternative devices, vaping, and tobacco-free, nicotine-infused, non-combustion products to keep people using their brands.

New Yorkers have already crushed Connecticut's housing market through the pandemic, this is a nice score for Governor Lamont and the state. I'm sure Connecticut will get a taste of the massive global revenues flowing through PMI's coffers.

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