More bear woes in Connecticut. What are they up to now?

To ride a motorcycle is to know that there are dangers from vehicles and road conditions all around you. You've also probably encountered bugs in the mouth and eyes, and even some wildlife creating problems. Not sure how often this type of mammal is an issue though.

According to, two motorcyclists from Connecticut were injured over the weekend after a run in with a bear. Actually it seems the bear did the running.

State police say Paul Padua and Theresa Kochiss-Padua, were riding together on a motorcycle on Route 202 Sunday in Washington, CT when the bear ran out in front of them and caused them to crash. Thankfully, the couple were taken to the hospital with only minor injuries.

As the encounter remains under investigation there is no word on the bear. But you know this is not the last bear sighting, weird, and or cute story to surface in Connecticut.

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