There's a new terrifying twist on paintball use.

Now this is some evil stuff. Beyond running a muck with paintballs, there appears to be something worse in the mix.

In a story from, Bridgeport Police are reporting an increase in the number of people injured after being shot with paintball guns. According to police the Halloween season brings an increase in paintball complaints, but in the past it's been mostly related to businesses, vehicles, and homes. This year though, it's escalating.

Bridgeport's Police Captain, Roderick Porter told

It’s kind of disturbing that they’re using paintballs to target individuals. In this day and age, it’s frightening. You think you’re being shot. They’re inflicting pain. This seems like they’re doing this to really hurt someone. What starts out as a juvenile prank can turn into being a really serious injury to someone.

And frighteningly, Porter has major concerns, because he's also heard that victims are being shot with paintballs that are frozen.

Frozen or not, getting shot randomly with a paintball is dangerous. If you've ever "played" a game in a controlled environment, you know it hurts getting hit with one. Imagine just going about your day and you get nailed with one. There's even one report of a man being partially blinded in a random shooting.

This insanity needs to stop now.

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