I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and stumbled across a photo in a local Facebook group.

The photo had a picture of a plane trailing a banner that read:

Whose wife will you bang next? Happy Bday Chris.

The person who reposted it claimed that it was taken in the Brookfield area. I sprung into action immediately. We launched an Ethan and Lou investigation like you read about.

We put the listeners to work. We first asked any potential witnesses of the flight to call into the studio. After getting 30-plus phone calls from Brookfield residents saying they saw it, we were convinced it was real.

Then, we called the Danbury Airport to find out if they allowed this flight to leave from their air strip. We spoke to a higher up at the airport, who did not want to go on the air, but did assure us the plane did not leave from Danbury. They also said that they don't allow that sort of thing, ever. Furthermore, they speculated that it left from an airport out of Westerly, RI that does do a lot of banner flights. Check out what some of the callers had to say:

After the calls, I then tried to track the original photo -- That was most of my day yesterday. I was searching for the person who took the picture, so I could get authorization to use the photo. I hit a brick wall after talking to about ten people. It is not hard to find, though, if you are a part of any local Facebook groups.

Now, all that we don't know, that concerns us, is who the hell is this Chris, and who is he giving it to? We had a caller this morning who thinks the banner may have been intended for him:

This case is like an onion, the more layers you peel, the more it stinks. This is an open investigation, so keep the tips coming.

P.S. - Happy belated birthday to Chris.

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