If you live in the greater Danbury area, or really anywhere, you know there are certain unspoken rules that locals follow.

If you see someone not following them, you become enraged, maybe finding yourself saying, "this person is either a tourist or an idiot." Well, we have some rules for you, tailored to the greater Danbury Area. You'll either nod in agreement or bang your fists against the table. You ready? Let's go.

  •  Lisa's Rule

"If you're driving in the rain, use headlights! No one does around here." Lisa then elaborated even more, explaining that if you have grey or beige cars you REALLY need to follow this rule. The color apparently makes you completely camouflaged in the rain.

  • Joey's Rules

"You can't shop counterclockwise in Stew Leonards, it messes up the flow." Joe explained his rule while shaking his head and pointing his finger. If you're violating this rule in Stew's and see a man giving you the death stare from afar, it's Joe.

"Stop for the kids under the WestConn arch or you WILL get pulled over." Always stop for college kids. Fun Fact: Joe volunteers at the WestConn Arch everyday after work, helping kids cross. I mean yeah, he's not officially hired or anything but he got a cool hand-held stop sign from Home Depot and we're trying to support his dreams.

"You MUST have hash browns on your breakfast sandwich." If you're about to take a bite of your hash brown-less sandwich and see the same man who gave you a death stare at Stew's in front of you, don't be surprised.

  • Melissa's Rule

"If you drive slow, don't be in the left lane on i84." She has a long commute home, don't mess with her. BEEP BEEP IT'S MELISSA, MOVE.

  • Pat's Rule

"If you have the choice of using backroads or i84, use backroads. I84 will most likely have a traffic jam." A very calm Pat is your guiding hand to avoid the local traffic. Pat is nice. We like Pat. Be more like Pat.

  • Tim's Rules 

"Wait at least 10 seconds to go after the light turns green at the end of the super 7 bypass, otherwise you will get T-boned." Tim is your traffic guardian angel. Word on the street is if you run the light, Tim can sense it from the office and will show up at your house later to give you a stern talk.

"No one will judge you if you go to both TK's and Michael's on your birthday." Let Tim know if you want this to be your birthday celebration. For a small fee, he will be your designated driver, drive you and your friends in his smart car to TK's and Michael's, and serenade you at the end. It's magical.

  • John's Rule

"Expect the weather to change every 5 minutes." John brought his yellow rain jacket, rubber pants and large umbrella to work last week. It stopped raining as soon as he got here. He went home and changed, came back and it started down pouring. He hasn't been the same since.

  • Holly's Rule

"Expect traffic near Newtown... always." If you hear a loud extended beep and look back to see a woman with her head resting on her steering wheel, don't be alarmed. It's just Holly.

  • Andy's Rule

"Don't wash your kid's diaper in Candlewood Lake." Andy he um... *clears throat*... he witnessed this first hand. He hasn't been able to be on a boat since, he can't go near water, he can no longer hold his newborn niece without having diaper-washing flashbacks. Please, don't wash your diapers in the lake, Andy just wants to hold his niece.

So, what do you think?

Let us know if you agree with our employees' unspoken rules of the greater Danbury area in the quiz below.

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