According to the petition page,  Norwalk's Garden Cinemas is set to be torn down to make way for a parking lot that would finish construction on the nearby development project known as "Wall Street Place."

Garden Cinemas is the last independent movie theater in the area and some residents are not taking the news lightly. They are defending the position that Garden Cinemas should/can remain and still be part of the redevelopment/beautification projects for the city if everyone works together.

I'm all for development and redevelopment. I know how this country works, and tearing down old things that are not making money and replacing them with new shiny ones that do is the capitalist way. But there are also some other things to consider here.

It's a building deliciously trapped in time -- that thing is a work of art. Tearing down that sign and striped building hurts on a lot of levels. I want to go watch all of my movies there and smell decades of popcorn and laughter. Yes, you can smell laughter. I want to shoot a movie there and then watch the movie I shot there.

Are you kidding me with the name of the condo complex? The complex driving the old, beloved movie theater into extinction is called "Wall Street Place?" Is this whole thing a movie? That's like no really? A boring, new condominium complex named "Wall Street Place" kills the old movie theater and not for another three units or a pool, but PARKING SPACES? This is so cliche, It has to be made up, right? We are in a bad '80s movie. Now we just have to see if the good guy will win.

Let your voice be heard one way or another at the Common Council meeting tonight at 7:30 PM. It will be held at Norwalk City Hall (125 East Avenue - Room 231) The organizers cal this "OUR LAST CHANCE.

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