This past Sunday (May 2), Danbury officials responded to a motor vehicle accident where they found a van rolled over and into a utility pole.

According the the Danbury Fire Department, at around 1 AM on Sunday, Danbury Police Officers found a van rolled over right near the school on Shelter Rock Road, in which the van had rolled into a utility pole.

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The report states that there was only the one driver in the car, but the driver was stuck inside the vehicle. Both Danbury Fire and EMS were called to the scene and needed to utilize the Jaws of Life to extract the doors and get access to the driver inside.

Danbury Fire Department
Danbury Fire Department

Thankfully, the victim was conscious and was able to help the first responders when trying to get extracted from the vehicle. The victim was transported to the hospital after being cared for by EMS on scene.

Both Eversource and Frontier Communication crews were on scene to repair the broken pole and wires from the accident, and the road was closed for most of the night to make sure everything was cleared.

There is no further report about the status of the driver. Another thank you and great job to our local first responders for always doing everything they can to keep our city safe.

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