"Missed Headlines" is always one of the most popular Ethan and Lou Morning Show features. The guys do two rounds each day, one at 6:45 am and the other at 8:45 am each weekday morning on I-95. Missed Headlines is the one and only place you can hear three stories like this:

We will hear about a cat that skipped its own birthday party, a Colombian drug smuggler hiding cocaine in his hairpiece and an airline passenger casually using their foot to swipe through TV options on a communal screen.

Before we get into the audio, here are a few Missed Headlines bonus thoughts from Ethan and Lou themselves:

  • Of course a cat skipped its own birthday. That's cats. This is how they behave and that's why they are not for me. You throw a dog a birthday party and it's the best day of their life - appreciation all the way around and kisses for everyone.
  • One better than hiding cocaine in a hairpiece is a hairpiece made of coke. All the sudden, you just became the most popular person at the 1987 class reunion. Everyone leaning into your head for a sniff or three.
  • If you use your foot to swipe through TV options on a screen that other people will have to use at some point, you just can't be a part of society anymore. But if you choose that life, you also probably couldn't care less that we don't want you in society anyway. Just an ANIMAL!

Here's how the rest went:

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