One of the best Italian festivals in all of Connecticut happens every July on Highland Avenue in Waterbury, it's the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Feast, this year was it's 85th annual. The heat kept me away this past weekend, but if you missed out on the food like I did, don't worry, they have some leftovers due to the crappy weather.

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The 2023 Feast was hot and humid, so much so that Connecticut made national news when Jason Aldean had to walk offstage at his concert in Hartford after suffering heat stroke. That brutal humidity, heat, and downpours kept the attendance down at the Feast in Waterbury, and although you can't get the star attraction of the OLMC Feast - Fried dough the size of your face, you can get your mouth around some of their almost-as-famous Soffrito.

2023 Mt. Carmel Feast Photo credit - M. Christiano/S.Baltrush/P.Daddario/
2023 Mt. Carmel Feast Photo credit - M. Christiano/S.Baltrush/P.Daddario

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Feast has just announced on their Facebook account that they made way too much Soffrito for the Feast this year, and it would be a sin to let all of their hard work to go to waste. So that they're selling their Soffrito in the church hall at 785 Highland Ave in Waterbury today and tomorrow (July 17,18). Today they're going to be there until 2PM, and tomorrow from 9am til Noon. If you want a big tray of Soffrito, they're going to be selling them for $80, but you can bring your own container if you want to purchase a smaller portion.

I'll see you at Noochie's.

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